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Recording the speaker

Voice Over business is a special segment of audio production. A completely unique form that involves extraordinary knowledge of your speech apparatus, techniques of voice, as well as techniques of acting, singing, diction, and a great knowledge of the native literary language.

Voice over is an English term, and it covers all the breadth that this profession implies. If I were to say a speaker, it would only refer to reading serious official texts, and Voice over work means reading radio and TV commercials, lending a voice for promo and corporate films, acting in cartoons, reading informative text for TV shows, dubbing TV advertising etc.

Each of these subtypes requires a special reading technique and experience. Since nothing happens overnight, it takes many years of work, practice and experience to grow into a professional Voice Over who can answer most tasks.

There is no school for this profession, at least not in Serbia. So future Voice Overs are left to themselves. Mostly they are TV presenters, who working on their media, working with proofreaders, managed to raise awareness of their voice and their diction. Also lately, we notice that a large number of actors are heading towards this business and using their acting knowledge to read commercials.

Top interpretation is a feature of a huge experience, which allows us to find the right measure for our expression. It is also necessary that all skills are at the highest level, and that requires daily training and work on Voice over jobs.

The voice is just a sound expression of our emotions, our thoughts and our messages that we want to convey. Sometimes he listens to us and sometimes he doesn’t. As a professional audio producer, I have many times witnessed situations that were hopeless, where no suggestions or indications helped. Sometimes it is due to a bad day, fatigue, deconcentration, and sometimes you simply have a person behind the microphone who cannot interpret the text in the way it is needed.

In major international studios, there are audio producers besides directors who list Voice overlays, give them guidance, determine what is good and what is not, give them the right indication to make the interpretation perfect. In Serbia, this is usually done by audio producers, who, by necessity, had to master another craft, which is directorial.

In order to experience the complete harmony of sound and image while watching a TV commercial, the vocals that accompany the image must fully correspond to the atmosphere of the image. The choice of vocals is very important. You have great vocals, but not everyone is suitable for everything. The voice you hear should take you into the world of fiction, if it is an imaginary advertisement or convince you that this is the bank for you, or that you should be treated in that clinic or that you should buy that car.

So the power of the voice is great. Unfortunately, not everyone understand that.

What are the conditions required to record Voice over perfectly?

First of all, you need a room for recording vocals, which is acoustically treated, where there is no echo, or some other noises and sounds.
In addition to the deaf room, appropriate technical equipment is also required: Microphone, headphones, video viewing monitor, audio interface, microphone preamp, studio monitors, some audio controller, etc.

Depending on the quality of this equipment, the quality of the sound recording will also depend. Usually, for high quality sound recording, studio equipment is very expensive. One of the most important items is the sensitivity of the microphone. It is usually necessary to have at least a few microphones for different vocals. This includes a special microphone for male deeper vocals, and a special microphone for female lights, also a special microphone for singing vocals and special for commercial readers. So far, they have proven to be a good choice for reading commercials: Neumann TLM 103, Roda Classic, Akg C 414, Audio Tehnica 4050, Sennheiser KH-416, etc.

Recommendations for better interpretation:

In order to sound as natural as possible, not to be heard reading the text mechanically, but to feel that you are passing your attitude and your emotion through that text, try to get up, and not sit while reading. Feel free to gesture with your hands as in real life. In this way, you will feel that you have an attitude and attitude towards what you read, and the gestures with your hands will give you extraordinary dynamics and energy in reading. You will not sound boring and uninteresting. Also important is the personal expression of each vocal, which is created by absorbing all the information that the vocal receives. The organism and the brain process it, and as a result of the processing, a successful interpretation is created in which the vocal incorporates its experience, enthusiasm, attitude, etc. To conclude, being a quality Voice over is not a naive thing at all. Recording vocals and getting the most out of them is a special skill that should be more appreciated.

Sound design and post-production

Making sound is our top priority!

In Broadcast projects, you go through several stages of sound creation, in order to reach the final master who goes to broadcast.

The first phase is recording the voiceover. In the second phase, that raw sound is edited, which actually means that it is listened to, cleaned of sighs and mistakes, and then the files in which the interpretation is of the highest quality are selected, and in the end different parts are combined. Sometimes it takes one syllable to be replaced in a word to get a successful performance. As with video projects, sound editing plays a big role in making the final sound good.

In the final phase, we move on to the montage of sound in a specific project with image, music and sound effects. We are slowly entering the world of SOUND DESIGN. Every sound designer has their own sensibility and their own inner measure and beauty that they incorporate into their final result.

Since there are a lot of tools, plug-ins, techniques, each designer has his own style and system of how to achieve successful post-production.

It largely depends on whether the final mix will be effective? Will it be completely pleasing to the ears? Will it meet the radio and television standards that are defined in advance, because in addition to the beauty of sound, we must also meet the parameters that exist according to the specification. Of course, as in the aspect of recording, the quality of the microphone, sound card, microphone preamp is crucial, so in the design of sound and mixing, the quality of studio monitors (speakers) is the most important.

You need to have extremely high quality studio monitors, which will display your sound image very realistically and in detail.

Without too much or too little bass, high and mid frequencies, etc. Of course, checking is always necessary, so it is necessary to check your mix, at least on another pair of monitors, mobile phone, TV speakers, etc. If the result is mostly satisfactory, it means that the mix is ​​successful and that it can go on the air.

Sometimes 85% of the results are achieved in a short time with the help of experience and crafts, but for the remaining 15% that fall into the category of art and that set your work apart from a bunch of similar works, it sometimes takes a lot of time. Clients often don’t understand that, but that’s the way it is.

If you make a work of art, no one will care how much time you spend on it.

TV adaptations and dubbing

In multimedia frames, the image usually dominates the sound. Since modern times require more precise and stricter business rules, the deadlines for making audio-video projects are, as a rule, unrealistically short. More and more attention is paid to image design, while for quality sound creation, time, concentration and energy generally run out. Modern technology has brought the tool for creating multimedia projects closer to a large number of enthusiasts, but are modern technology and free time enough for creativity? Of course not! She is still in the service of the IDEA.

This is exactly the reason that makes narrowly specialized professionals an integral part of large advertising teams created with only one goal – to be the parents of a GREAT IDEA. Which implies not only perfection in certain segments of that idea (script, image, sound…) but also their meaningful interaction.

In addition to sound design, production of original music for television spots, recording of vocals (both acting, singing and official), Simone Voice Over Servis also pays great attention to TV adaptations (synchronization) of existing foreign TV spots.

Our VOICE TALENTS base consists of over 400 speakers from Serbia and the region. We work with branded and recognizable readers of advertisements, as well as with lesser-known voices, but also experienced and high-quality ones. We also have cooperation with a large number of actors, singers. So that we can answer each task as soon as possible. We also offer the possibility of synchronization in other languages ​​(Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Croatian, Macedonian, English, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Russian, Austrian, Romanian, Albanian). etc).

Professional experience in the world of dramatic arts allows us to have TV adaptations:
And those are the 4 MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS that single out the adaptation of a new foreign advertisement in a sea of ​​similar ones.

Making original music

Simone Production Studio, in addition to standard audio production services, offers marketing agencies, direct clients and media houses the opportunity to compose original music. In our team we have 2 composers, as well as the appropriate studio equipment for sound design and creation of original music.

We create music in professional music programs Cubase and Pro Tools. If you need music for a TV commercial, radio spot or promotional film, Simone Production Studio will create it according to the highest standards. Music is delivered in wav or AiF format 24 bit 48 kHz. It is necessary for you to provide us with a brief with your requests (what kind of music you want), to send us working material, if it is music for video, and we will contact you as soon as possible with a specific answer. You can send your inquiries to

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