Video Production

Video is the most powerful form of promotion, simply because it conveys a message to a wide audience in an interactive mix of sound, image and movement.
Simone Production Studio provides professional services for making all types of video formats. From short television spots, through commercials, DVD presentations to the creation of 2D and 3D animation as well as 3D character modeling and architectural objects. Our services are intended for direct clients, but very often we also serve Advertising agencies as subcontractors.

Our production team has all the necessary equipment for field recording as well as editing and post-production techniques. Our approach is to have communication with the client all the time during the production process.
After the agreement on the production of promotional material, we make a pro forma invoice, so that you know exactly how much your project will cost and what you get for your money. We then create a script following your wishes combined with our experience and knowledge in making the video.

The screenwriter, director, cinematographer and editor together follow the process of making the material from beginning to end. We work closely with you all the time because we want your message not to get lost in the creative process of creation. Our goal is to create material that will not spoil your vision, but will further refine it.

Unlike other ways of communication, Video strongly reaches your customers, potential customers, business partners and employees. With today’s possibilities of displaying Video messages on the Web, Youtube, social networks, it is the right time to use the power of the Video presentation to work for you.

Professionally crafted promotional material can significantly improve the image of your company. Such material allows you to display your product in the environment for which it is intended. You can use it as a Video training for new staff, as a video presentation of the company or as a video that presents your product or service to the widest audience via the TV screen.

3D animation

3d animation is the process of animating ready-made 3d models. Before starting to make a 3d animation, it is necessary to prepare a scene, on which the prepared 3d models are placed. The complexity of the animation increases with the number of different models that are added to the scene, as well as various other factors (say, adding moving vehicles, etc.). The rendering itself largely depends on the duration of the animation itself (the number of frames that need to be rendered) and their complexity.

Breathe life into your ideas!

How can you be sure you have chosen a quality studio to create 3d visualizations and 3d animations? What are the criteria?

Photorealism. Photorealistic 3d visualization is a very important indicator of the quality and expertise of 3d studies. However, although photorealism is the pinnacle of creating 3D visualizations, not every project needs such a level of quality. When you watch movies, you don’t think that the effects were done in 3D.

When you look at catalogs with kitchens and furniture you do not notice that you are looking exclusively at 3d models. A true 3d is one that is completely realistic, natural and fused with the environment. Choose only the studio that can deliver such a level of quality!

Why is it important to choose a specialized studio for making 3d visualizations and 3d animations?

The interior is never “just the interior”. No matter what the project, top projects always contain elements from various fields. In order to get top-quality 3d renders (3d pictures), they need to breathe life into them by showing vehicles, people and the environment, in the case of interiors, they need to show pictures on the walls, books on the shelves, furniture and realistic lighting.

In order to show architectural objects, it is not enough to put a 3d model of the object on a white or blue background, it is necessary to show the sky, the sun, the trees and the surroundings. If you are building a hotel, let the 3d pictures show the real water in the pools, let the fire in the fireplace be seen in the restaurants, let the curtain move with the wind.

These are the things that matter. Things that in practice mean passing a tender, selling an apartment before it is built, standing out among the competition.

Corporate films

Advertising or corporate films belong to a longer video form. They are exclusively used for a more detailed presentation of a company, product or service in front of future customers, within fair appearances, television shows, etc. The duration is usually 5 to 30 minutes. This is a rather complex and complex form. Promo films require serious creative and technical preparation.

Simone Production Studio has extensive experience in creating promo films. Our production team has all the necessary technical equipment for recording in the field.

In order for the content you want to present to be attractive, it is very important to design the script in an exciting, dynamic and creative way, as well as the recording book, in one word, almost every frame. The goal is to present yourself in the best possible light, to leave a superior impression on future clients, and you will achieve that if you skillfully send the creative thread and message you want to send. The timing of the film is very important. It should be neither too long nor too short. It should be concise and clear. It should be full of quality and charming staff who will present your company as superiorly as possible.

Post-production and editing of all recorded shots are very important, because the final result can depend a lot on a good editor. The voice that will accompany the picture is also very important. If a male vocal is chosen, deep baritones are used, which with their dominance in the voice soundly represent the strength of your company, and if female vocals are used, then that vocal should be warm and full of confidence.

TV commercials

TV commercials are in the short video form. For transmitting video messages, they are the most used. Most often, their duration is from 20 to 30 seconds. First of all, because the attention of the modern viewer, who is very burdened with information, drops a lot after 30 seconds.

There are also shorter forms, which last from 5 seconds and up. Lately, a novelty has been very present on our screens, the so-called Block Bumper. It is a video clip, lasting up to 5 seconds, which appears on half of the screen, at the beginning and at the end of the advertising block.

TV advertising has the greatest power when it comes to mass advertising. Client sensibilities change, according to the season, trend and seasonal campaigns. Let’s see, who advertises the most today? These are large corporations (banks, food chains, coffee, mineral waters, beers, cosmetics, etc.). Their market is global and they have huge budgets, which they need to spend on broadcasting commercials. First of all, because someone realized the power of television a long time ago. In the bar, video commercials have lost their relevance, as well as the ratings of local televisions. Most TV audiences in Serbia are connected to several national channels.

The price of broadcasting is quite high, which is initially rejected by small and medium-sized companies, so we need to show great courage and a very serious strategy, when we start a TV campaign. If, a medium-sized company wants to launch a new product on the market that has mass use (new biscuits, new acidic water, new weight loss product, etc.). television is the only place where millions of viewers will hear about your product. And nowadays, that is the only way to position yourself in the market. Of course, I have to find a way of financing and I have to be very careful. First of all with choosing a team that will design your message and turn it into an effective video message.

Simone Production Studio, in line with the situation we all find ourselves in, has found a way to serve all clients who want quality and creative service with a limited budget. We follow our clients, advise them and support them on their path to success. The only condition is correct cooperation. When you contact us, be honest and don’t try to calculate, because that way you will help yourself and us.


In addition to the specific production services we provide, such as primarily audio and video production, Studio Simone also provides the Creative service. For clients who do not already have a defined creative direction, visual and verbal brand, our creative team creates campaign proposals in the form of scripts for making radio spots, TV commercials, promo films, etc. In joint communication with you, we position your service, product or brand on the market.

Many roads lead to Rome, but there is only one real one – so it is with creative paths and tactics. Before we decide which of these tactics will best serve your brand, we will work with you to define your marketing strategy, in order to form a clear vision of your brand and business goals.

We will then select a team of collaborators who will implement the idea based on your choice of script, your budget, and the way the video content will best serve you.

Until the idea is realized and we don’t see it on small screens or hear it on radios – our team imagines it, creates it, records it, perfects it and makes it work most effectively for your brand. No matter which path you choose, the basis is your brand.

Bring strength to your marketing performance and choose an experienced partner to help you present your brand in the best possible light.

Do you need a feature TV commercial, a promo movie, a 3D animated video or a high quality 3D animated TV commercial?

Experience of over 16 years in the world of video production.